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Children’s music (also known as kids’ music) refers to the tracks composed for children. This genre aims to entertain and educate children at the same time. Thus, most children’s songs are really catchy and have captivating stories that teaches children important lessons and values. The defining feature of this genre is the fact that most tracks are pretty easy to sing along with. Moreover, children’s tracks often have a relatively simple musical structure and entertaining lyrics. It is proven that music helps both adults and children learn better. That is why, children’s music is a powerful ally in children’s education. Most pre-schools and primary schools incorporate children’s songs into their curriculum in order to enhance children’s cognitive and social abilities. As a parent, you can benefit from entertaining and educating your child with appropriate children’s songs as well. Below you can find catchy, witty and fun children’s songs. You can listen these high quality and carefully composed songs with your children or incorporate them into your projects for younger audiences.

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130 01:24
119 03:33
124 03:11
119 03:17
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127 03:04
90 01:02
125 03:12
115 02:46
116 03:03
107 03:08
131 01:41
129 03:07
81 03:18
120 03:18
121 03:15
125 03:12
111 03:34
110 01:30
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