Acoustic music is the genre that solely or predominantly employs the instruments that create sound by acoustic methods instead of electronic methods. It derives its inspiration from a vast array of sources and genres such as folk culture, jazz, classical music, regional musical traditions and literature. As a result, acoustic songs have the ability to cover a wide range of emotions and work well in different contexts. You can play soft yet fun acoustic songs in your café, restaurant or store to keep your customers happy and entertained without disturbing them or hindering their conversations. Moreover, acoustic music has an impressive ability of evoking emotions, thus opting for acoustic background music can do wonders for your video content. Being predominantly focused on melody instead of rhythm, acoustic music has a rather soft touch. That is why it can be an amazing background music that will not distract your viewers from the contents of your video.Below you can explore our acoustic music library and find the perfect music for your project.

    65 03:11
    85 02:46
    109 03:02
    121 03:18
    82 01:14
    80 02:56
    150 01:42
    110 03:54
    150 01:44
    91 03:15
    115 01:57
    95 03:07
    96 03:23
    95 03:25
    125 03:01
    139 03:04
    79 03:03
    120 03:36
    114 03:52
    90 01:52
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