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 What is Twitch Music?

What is Twitch Music?

Twitch music, or better known as Soundtrack by Twitch, is a free copyrighted music tool that provides a curated collection of music cleared for worldwide use. Soundtrack by Twitch can be integrated with Twitch Studio and OBS and it operates on a multi-track audio system. While this allows streamers to create VODs and Clips without the Soundtrack music playing in the background, this is actually a requirement rather than an option.

Soundtrack music is limited to live streaming only. As a Twitch streamer, you can’t use the music available on the Soundtrack library in VODs, Clips, and the content you share outside the platform. If you include the audio from Soundtrack in your VODs or Clips, the music from Soundtrack will automatically be muted. As the rights to the music on Soundtrack are held by copyright owners, you risk getting yourself into legal complexities if you use Soundtrack’s music on your other social media content.

Looking for more flexibility and want to use music in your Twitch VODs, Clips, and even repurpose your Twitch content on other social media platforms? Snapmuse is the perfect solution. We hold all the rights to the music and sound effects in our catalog. Our subscribers have the right to use our music for top social media platforms.

Subscribe to gain unlimited access to over 16,000 royalty-free music and 18,000 sound effects you can use to elevate your Twitch streams, VODs, and Clips - and the lengths of where you can stream our music is not limited to Twitch!

With Snapmuse, you no longer need to edit out the music from your streams when you want to repurpose your Twitch content on other social media platforms to grow your Twitch audience. Check out our Insights to find out how to go viral on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to promote your Twitch stream on your socials. Start your 30-day free trial today to unlock the full potential of your Twitch streams.

Can I Play Music on Twitch?

Can I Play Music on Twitch?

Definitely! If you are wondering how to stream on Twitch, you should know that while Twitch does allow music to be played on their platform, there are specific guidelines and restrictions to keep in mind.

Twitch has a strict policy regarding the usage of music on their platform, requiring streamers to have the necessary licenses for the music they use. This means that simply using copyright-free music is not enough to stream on Twitch legally.

That is why getting your music from a reliable royalty-free music provider like Snapmuse is the safest way to play music on Twitch. Our music is cleared for use on Twitch, ensuring that you can stream without worrying about copyright strikes. Explore our catalog to level up your streams with unparalleled, original Twitch music.

Subscribe today to add a new dimension to your streaming experience with royalty-free Twitch music and sound effects across top music royalty-free-music-by-genre and royalty-free-music-by-moods perfectly suited for your needs.

Looking for the Perfect Music for Your Twitch Streams?

Looking for the Perfect Music for Your Twitch Streams?

At Snapmuse, we understand the importance of music when opting for an engaging streaming atmosphere.

With Snapmuse, you can trust that the music you choose for your Twitch streams is legally cleared and ready for use.

No more worrying about complex licensing issues or the fear of having your stream taken down.

What Kind of Music Is Allowed on Twitch?

What Kind of Music Is Allowed on Twitch?

The guidelines for the kind of music allowed on Twitch are clear to ensure compliance with copyright laws and avoid penalties.

This includes not only external music but also in-game music from the games you play during your streams, as they are typically copyrighted as well.

There are three main categories of music that are permitted:

  • Your own music: You have the freedom to play and showcase music that you have personally created, produced, or performed. However, it's important to note that if you have a record deal with a label or music publisher, you should verify if you have the necessary rights for how to promote your music on your streams.
  • Twitch Soundtrack library: Like we mentioned earlier, the copyrighted music on Soundtrack by Twitch is cleared worldwide, but for live streams only. You can’t use Soundtrack for VODs or Clips.
  • Music you hold a license to: You are allowed to play copyrighted music on Twitch streams if you purchase a license from the rights owners. Keep in mind that getting permission from artists may not be enough in most cases if they share the rights to their music with third parties such as music publishers and record labels.

Twitch's automated system scans streams, VODs, and Clips to detect copyrighted music use and issues warnings for violations. Continued use of copyrighted music can result in penalties under DMCA and even suspension of your live streams.

Snapmuse’s catalog features royalty-free music and sound effects specifically designed for Twitch streamers like you. Start your 30-day free trial for unlimited access to a wide range of royalty-free music and top sound effects that is licensed and cleared for use on Twitch.

How Can I Use a Twitch Soundtrack?

How Can I Play Music in My Twitch Streams?

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