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In little less than a year, AI became a commonly used technology. Everyday a new AI powered tool is released and frees users around the world from grueling, repetitive tasks. Content creators have enjoyed the fruits of these new AI tools more than anyone else. From text-to-video editors, to AI powered editing softwares, different AI tools have been deployed to streamline what once were difficult tasks.

Music selection is by far one of the most crucial steps in video production. Editors sometimes spend hours looking for that perfect track. Here, AI tools are set to empower creators. There are two main ways creators can use AI to streamline their music selection processes.

First, AI can help curate a list of songs that might match a particular footage that the user uploads. The second alternative is for creators who are into customizing their content further. AI can help creators to set their content apart.

Enabling creators to find the best song for their content in the shortest amount of time possible is the main goal of royalty free music platforms. Today, Snapmuse is both able to decrease the amount required to find the best song, and empower creators to create their own tracks with an AI music generator.

How to create music with AI using Snapmuse?

Snapmuse is constantly evolving to give creators the best experience possible. A large part of this effort entails using cutting edge technology to make creators’ jobs easier.

Snapmuse fully owns all the rights to the 16.000 tracks and 18.000 sound effects in its library. This puts Snapmuse in a unique position to integrate AI technology into its platform while maintaining the highest-level of copyright protection.

Snapmuse recognizes that AI music is in its nascent stages. It is expected to improve exponentially over the coming years. Snapmuse’s approach to this technology is two fold. Empowering creators and growth.

First, Snapmuse uses AI to make it easier for creators to bring their vision to life. This includes AI powered search functionalities as well as text & footage to song matching using artificial intelligence. It also includes enabling creators with an ai music creator to generate unique tracks.

Snapmuse aims to leverage the power of AI to grow its library by building on its existing tracks. Snapmuse believes music still requires the human touch. That’s why Snapmuse only uses an AI music generator to expand its human made song catalogue.

The AI music beta program is the next chapter in Snapmuse’s quest to enable video makers to create better and faster.

AI Music Generator for Instagram and Tiktok videos/reels

AI Music generator algorithms present a great opportunity for Instagram Reels and Tiktok videos. For the past years music used on social media platforms has been very repetitive. This made it hard for creators to stand out. AI music generators free creators from the limited song selection that cap the potential reach of rising creators. Now, creators can use unique tracks to set themselves apart.

Using an AI music maker also enables creators to pay to boost their videos. This is particularly important for creators that publish branded content. Social media algorithms do not allow boosting of videos using copyrighted tracks. AI song generators can help creators avoid copyright infringement issues when working with brands.