How to add music to Canva?

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How to add music to Canva?
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How to add music to Canva as tutorial

Music is half the content. Think of all the Reels, Shorts and TikToks you watched in the last week. Chances are, you didn’t even come across a single Reel or Short without music. It is unclear whether Canva is trying to remedy this issue. Finding music on Canva is not a straightforward process so users often get their music on other sites and add it to their designs. 


Good news is that this is slowly changing. Thanks to a small group of music companies building apps for Canva, it is now possible to find and add music to your designs on Canva without ever leaving the platform.


Here is how what you need to do to find music on Canva and how to add music to Canva designs: 


1. Go to the menu on the left and click on “Apps”

How to add music to Canva?

2. Search for “music” to find music apps

How to add music to Canva?

This will give you a list of the handful of music providers on Canva. 


From here you can start discovering what various apps offer. The proposed apps range from AI music generators to royalty-free music providers. So how do you choose the right app for you? Let’s tackle that question. 

Is Canva music copyright free?

How to pick the best music app on Canva depends on your use case and comes down to the issue of copyrights . Generally speaking there are 2 main types of music providers on Canva. AI music generators and royalty-free music platforms. 

Royalty free music platforms such as have a long history of providing high quality royalty-free music to social media creators. This is a proven and tested method to avoid copyright pitfalls.


Social media companies such as YouTube, TikTok and Meta are stringent on the usage of licensed music on their platforms and will move swiftly to demonetize, mute and remove content that’s infringes their copyright policies. This is why social media creators rely on royalty-free music platforms when uploading their content. 


For example, is a reliable source for high quality music tracks and sound effects that will bring your content to the next level while giving you peace of mind for everything copyright related. 

Canva also hosts a range of AI music generators. This is a new trend and multiple companies offer fun apps where you can join in on the AI hype and discover the capabilities and limitations of this new technology. However social media users and creators are careful about using AI generated tracks on their content because of the copyright issues  surrounding these AI models. The viability of AI music generators were further shaken following numerous lawsuits brought against the largest AI generated music companies

Can I use Canva music on YouTube, Instagram or Tiktok?

Once you find the best app for you, click on it to open. 

How to add music to Canva?

Then pick the best track for your content and click on use.

How to add music to Canva?

If this is your first time using the app, this will prompt open a quick sign up popup. Sign up or login to use music tracks easily. 

How to add music to Canva?

Once signed up, you can easily add any track to your content. You can also try different tracks until you find the perfect track that makes your content pop! Simply click on use to add any track.

How to add music to Canva?

Give the final touches with Sound Effects to really make your content stand out from the crowd. 

How to add music to Canva?

Once done click Share on the top right. You will have two options to share your content to your favorite platforms: 


1. You can download your content and share on social media

How to add music to Canva?

2. Or share directly from Canva if your social media channels are linked with your Canva account. Click on Share on social.

How to add music to Canva?

And pick the social media channel of choice.

How to add music to Canva?
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